Monday, 9 July 2012

Hunger of more than 100 Killed! Youth Of Bangalore makes their Sunday Morning memorable for themselves & the Needy!

Write up by Mohan BN, Oracle, Bangalore.

Food, clothing and shelter are three basic necessities of life. Everyone of us on this earth are struggling through life to fulfil these three constraints of life. Be it a multi millionaire or a person who earns every meal of his day on that day, no doubt that all of us are in a pursuit to satisfy our basic needs and probably man could have survived even without clothing and shelter but not food for sure. This is the reason food stands at the top of the priority list. It was indeed a great eventful day today when a group of youth woke up to a social call on a Sunday morning when most of the rest were enjoying their cozy sleep on a weekend.

A group of twenty youths studying in different courses and young professionals working in different MNCs got together this morning to be a part of an exciting event of meals donation. I was glad and surprised to be a part of this super happening. This was not just a normal meals donation in an orphanage or an old age home where you just go, donate and feel satisfied for doing the good deed. Today's generation looks for adventure in everything and that is what exactly happened. There were twenty enthusiastic Indians who were grouped into ten teams of two each and were asked to explore random areas of Bangalore, find the needy people in that area and serve them meals as an initiative of IU cares under the banner of The best part was that people had to take buses to new places. Also this entire task had to be completed within just 120 minutes.

After the entire adventuristic task people came to share their feelings and experience of donating meals. We search around different places to buy things for us but this was the first time for many of us when we searched for someone who needed our service. It was a sense of accomplishment after we had killed the hunger of close to hundred genuinely needy people. It was a reinforcement in us that good deeds can be done in an enjoyable way and that's why I feel that I want to share this event with all of you. An amazing feeling to see a hunger free world set in all of us today. Are you also with us to make this dream realise into reality???

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