Monday, 17 June 2013

36Meals Volunteers from Nepal get into Action!

Shahrukh Hussain is a 19 year old student from Nepal.
 Inspired by the concept of 36 Meals and its activities he
moved out of his house to donate meals to the hungry
 people in the streets near his place.

An initiative to move out, killed the hunger of 9 people who otherwise would have slept hungry. People from 40+ countries have been supporting us. Nepal gets into Action! 

Which country are you from?

Citrix joins hands with 36Meals

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when one wants to re-live certain days but the Merry go round that Life takes us into, hardly permits many to stay for a second longer, no matter how strongly we desire to.  But this wasn’t the case with Volunteers from Citrix.

In a country where CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) is still an acronym to be learnt by many, a bunch of Volunteers from Citrix yet again sprung forward to join hands with 36Meals to participate in a campaign of Meals Donation.

15 Employees from Citrix went around the city and donated 30+ Meals to the poor and needy.  More than a duty it was an activity planned by Mr. Mohan BN who divided them into teams and made it an exciting task.

A very small fraction of the World slept happy because of such an enthusiastic bunch of software engineers.  But we are happy that we could make a difference. You too can.

Monday, 27 May 2013

It needs wisdom of heart to make a decision like his! Harikiran - He makes us PROUD!!!

It was a fine morning just like any other for Harikiran as it was for any one else across the globe. He was excited to be reading a book as it was a part of his task and his to-do, to build better leadership in himself. During this time, the book somewhere happened to mention the facts about the no of people who are hit by the aftermath of being starved, about some who are not blessed to see food for days between every meal they get fortunate to consume, and about others who die in search of one morsel of food.

On this fine morning everyone at his house had gone out for various reasons and he was home alone. He was triggered deeply by these lines and left pondering. He was moved to an extent not many youth at this age feel moved reading something like this. While many just give an expression of "Oh God! How sad!" and they continue reading, he decided something different. He took a decision to make a difference.

It was about lunch time for him just when he came across these lines that changed him as a man forever and he decided to move out of his house and make a difference to at least one life. He decided not to eat himself, until he became a reason to kill the hunger of at least one person. He took his bike and moved around the streets of Bangalore city(in India).

While on the move he saw many who looked like they hadn't eaten much, but eventually he found 3 people by the road side, in a complete slum area and he knew they truly deserved his attention. He spent his pocket money, which he would otherwise, like everyone else, spend that on coffee days, movies and other such stuff, and got them 3 meals.

He made sure they consumed hot meal and were satisfied to have seen food. He was blessing in disguise for them. While there are millions of them who have not seen food for months, are not sure if they will ever get to see someone like Harikiran in their lives, there are another few who would be dead out of hunger before you complete reading this article.

If you truly feel this inspired you to make a difference, GO ahead and DO IT. For, every single person you inspire through this story, there is one more person, poor and needy, we hope and believe will be taken care off. Feel free to share this story with all you know and may more Harikirans be born out of this story.

If you are in some part of the world where you do not think you could find people to help, feel free to contact our TRUST | and we will do the needful. For every 36 INR you contribute, we will make sure one person is given the privilege of being fed!