Sunday, 6 November 2011 First Meals Day report! Updates and Appreciation!

     Welcome to all the people who have pledged and also to all the people who haven’t but are reading this blog now. From times immemorial, man has been trying to make his life worth living and tried to do his best in order to have access to the most attractive things. But, what he has forgotten is that, there are millions of his fellow beings who go to sleep hungry every single night. A Helping hand to feed a mouth can save someone’s life. is rightly up for it! In this regard the progress of this vision in just a matter of 60days has been brilliant!
It gives immense pleasure to let you know that almost 750 people from 33 countries are supporting the cause. Exclusively we would like to illuminate the efforts of the Hyderabad team from India, who put efforts to unite on the festival of Diwali(in India) to translate this mission to reality. 60+ meals were donated on the auspicious occasion to the genuine needy.
Kudos to the team in Hyderabad! Meanwhile, the team in Kenya led by Calvin Jodisi has been promoting the cause to all whom they know and have come in touch with, which has passed triggers of inspiration to the lady Ashleigh Sean Rolle, who has taken a BIG presentation in Bahamas for school children!
“Light a lamp & burst a cracker” is age old Diwali; Feed a needy, spread a smile is IU Diwali. Every individual’s effort will be a milestone in the journey to make this mission successful. Together we can erase the problems due to hunger from the world.
Article Published by Blogging Team.