Monday, 17 June 2013

Citrix joins hands with 36Meals

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when one wants to re-live certain days but the Merry go round that Life takes us into, hardly permits many to stay for a second longer, no matter how strongly we desire to.  But this wasn’t the case with Volunteers from Citrix.

In a country where CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) is still an acronym to be learnt by many, a bunch of Volunteers from Citrix yet again sprung forward to join hands with 36Meals to participate in a campaign of Meals Donation.

15 Employees from Citrix went around the city and donated 30+ Meals to the poor and needy.  More than a duty it was an activity planned by Mr. Mohan BN who divided them into teams and made it an exciting task.

A very small fraction of the World slept happy because of such an enthusiastic bunch of software engineers.  But we are happy that we could make a difference. You too can.

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