Wednesday, 19 October 2011 Meals Day & World Youth Parliament Promotions! is the name that people are chanting all across the globe today. It is really great to see the expanding vision. Definitely, we would like to thank all our representatives, who are supporting this cause and helping us reach our purpose.

This is getting proved again and again that the world still respects and supports good deeds. Well, as all of us know there was a camp conducted by on its 36th day. It’s true that, when you walk with a mission, many join hands for your vision. We were glad to see great responses from different parts of the world. In a single day about 448 meals were donated, meaning, 448 needy, slept hunger free that day.

Meanwhile, It also gives us an immense pleasure to bring to your notice, that recently at the World Youth Parliament at Kenya, our idea of was announced. It gives even more pleasure indeed, to let you know, it was announced by the Your Big Year Ambassador for 2011, Mr. Michael Teoh. Congratulations to all the representatives of the world.

Here we would like to reckon Mr. Calvin Jodisi, from Kenya for his efforts and genuine support. Let us all genuinely get together to make some difference in the lives of those who almost lost the hopes of their sustenance. Being humane is what makes us different from other animals. After all they also have rights to live. Many are dying due to hunger. Let us show them what the word ‘world’ means in real. Let’s do it.

Regards, Team


  1. Kudos to Mr.Calvin Jodisi !!! and thanks to Mr.Michael Teoh for his support to the noble cause of a GLOBAL REVOLUTION...

  2. All the Best for Mr. Calvin Jodisi, and Mr. Michael Teoh for this Noble Initiative, Lets commit our self to create Hunger Free World.

    Jai Hindh!!!

  3. Mr. Calvin Jodisi hats off to u sir !!! Mr. Michael Teoh. thank u for supporting the 36meals .com